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The value of agriculture to Wyoming’s economy, culture and communities cannot be overstated. As Wyoming’s third largest industry, the output of our state’s agriculture sector has approached or exceeded one billion dollars annually.

Government Spending
When I am home in Wyoming, the top concern I hear about is the out-of-control federal spending in Washington. The idea that the federal government can continue to borrow and spend at a breathtaking pace when our national debt is approaching $17 trillion dollars is mind boggling to people, and they are right.

U.S. Constitution and Federalism
Wyoming knows its people better than Washington ever will. Since I began my service to the people of Wyoming in the U.S. House, I am continually astounded by the ever-increasing reach of the government. As a co-founder and co-Chair of the House Tenth Amendment Task Force, I am fighting to return to the rightful owner – states and the individuals – the power that the federal government has grabbed.

Energy and Wyoming Jobs
With the abundance of coal, oil and natural gas, wind, and nuclear energy resources within our borders, our nation needs Wyoming. The economic health of Wyoming is equally affected by federal energy policies enacted in Congress, as mineral income comprises nearly two-thirds of total revenue in our State.

Immigrants built our great nation and its image around the world as a land of opportunity. Illegal immigration, however, undermines our immigration laws that have for too long gone unenforced.

Second Amendment – The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
As a fourth generation Wyoming rancher, I know firsthand the importance of the Second Amendment to our way of life in Wyoming. Firearms are important tools for so many of Wyoming’s citizens, whether for self-defense, recreation or even one’s business occupation. Our Founding Fathers believed so strongly in our right to own and use firearms that they made it part of our Bill of Rights.